Inflammaging - What You Need to Know

Our skin like many of our body systems and organs is in a constant state of repair and regeneration.

Constant irritation from allergens, pollutants, free radicals, radiation, chemical exposure and infection cause damage that is often irreparable and results in premature ageing or unwanted changes to the appearance of this amazing organ.

If we think of this another way, imagine taking a knife and inflicting a trauma to our skin, it bleeds, it scabs, it heals and it does not look like the surrounding skin or how it did before.

This is exactly the same process that is occurring in a different way with other skin exposures or conditions.

Eczema and dermatitis is like having consistent burns with or without infection.

Acne is like having a consistent infection with or without irritation.

Sun damage and contact dermatitis is like having a burn with irritation to the structures that make new skin.

Environmental pollution is something that never existed and that our skin is not genetically designed to cope with.

This all sounds really bad and it is, however, you can do something about it.

Just like we have advances in medicine to treat disease states, we now know and understand that by using topical skincare and limiting our skin as best as we can from Inflammaging.

The Louthera Australia range was developed specifically to balance, restore and protect the largest organ in our body in the best way possible.

If you have not done so already, try the Louthera difference today. Your skin will thank you tomorrow and beyond.


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