What is in a Name?

Our business name is the creation of our founder Nurse Louise - AKA Lou and is the shortening of the words Therapy by Lou.

Interestingly the word Louthera has it's origin on Old Norse (Lowther) and denotes a river.

Our founder Nurse Louise's surname Holme also has it's roots in Old Norse and means a small island in a fast moving river.

Louise is a female warrior name with it's origin in Old High German.

Trivia perhaps, or perhaps a re-affirmation that Nurse Louise is a warrior standing alone on an island surrounded by fast moving sea of competition and uncertainty.

Whilst Louthera Australia may have become a self funded business by accident to solve her own skin problems and evolved to look after the largest organ in the body for everyone in the best way possible.

The passion, dedication and hard work of our warrior is definitely not an accident.

Our small island is not only determined to survive. We are determined to strive, move off the island and become the river of change for everyone and their skin!


#loutheraaustralia #skincare

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