Un C This!

We know why this little gem is sooo popular - simply - it works!

Great for every day use with inflammatory skin conditions and pigmentation. Great for use with hormonal or post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Great for use after sun-exposure. Great for use on stretch marks. Great for use (after the initial healing phase) for post-operative scars and laser treatment.

Actually it is pretty great really, which is why we constantly struggle to keep up with demand. Our formula is unique for 2 main reasons 1) It is a water based not gum based product making it absorb easily without any filmy residue and 2) It uses skin compatible vitamin C which is not only absorbed (if your skin is cleansed appropriately), it actually helps calm the farm. We have had so many anecdotal reports from users of how this product has helped them. We would love to hear your stories. Our mission is to help you look after the largest organ in your body in the best way possible and our New Years Resolution for 2020 is to engage more with our customers. Please share your journey and let us know how our C Serum has impacted you! 🌸🌸🌸Yours Skincerely Louthera Australia #loutheraaustraliacserum #loutheraaustraliaunseethis

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