Tat Pack

Whether you are taking them off or putting on new ink, this is a serious investment with potentially serious consequences to your health and the visual aesthetic you desire.

We have you covered.

Valued at $49.55 if sold separately.

Contents: x1 Natural SPF 50 110g, x1 Remedy Balm 100ml, x1 Lemon Myrtle Soap 100g

Clinical Care Notes:

If you have been treated by a surgeon or an accredited practitioner please follow their instructions. If you have not been provided with specific instructions or have had treatments administered by non-licensed practitioners please follow our instructions and/or contact your primary care doctor for specific advice.

The biggest risk for you following application of or removal of tattoos is Infection.

Signs of infection include- increasing pain at the sight of treatment, increasing redness at the sight of treatment, increasing heat at the sight of treatment, a discharge or exudate at the site of treatment. Any of the above need medical attention. If you have any of the above and feel systemically unwell please present to an emergency or urgent care department as soon as possible.

OK not applicable what to do?

We recommend that you gently remove the covering after 24 hours and use our 100% Natural Vegetable Soap with anti-microbial Lemon Myrtle to gently wash the area. Pat Dry and dab on our Natural Sunscreen which not only protects from UV but is also infused with skin conditioners, anti-microbial agents and moisturisers.

Repeat morning and night for the first week.

Week 2 keep up with the cleansing routine, add the Remedy Balm when not in the sun am or pm. When in the sun keep dabbing the SPF.

Never pick or scratch. Always see a Dr vs your artist/laser therapist if you think you have an infection.

Enjoy your new art or your new freedom from your old art!


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