Superior Protection

You may wonder if we have found the answer to your Mask wearing woes - why have we not launched this product to the general public earlier? Simple answer - we keep selling out before we can launch publically and guarantee supply. At the current time supplies remain limited and we are doing our best to offer this Superior comfort Superior protection product to you all that need it and want it in a seamless way. We will keep our website updated as best we can and you can always DM us or email us if you wish to pre-order stock if it has sold out.

We love using this product and as masks are here to stay we are here to serve you, your skin and your protection for the long haul.

To shop and explore why we love this visit:

Stay safe, Stay protected and we are here to help you keep the largest organ in your body - your skin both protected and reduce adverse impacts of COVID19 in the best way possible.


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