Sun Damage and Ageing

Sun damage is the largest cause of ageing to our skin. From fine, lines and wrinkles, loss of texture and turgor to more serious changes of solar keratosis and/or skin cancer.

Whilst we may be in the cooler months, our UV index in Australia is still very high and sun protection/avoidance is recommended.

Cancer Council SA is a reputable source of information and the even have a free SunSmart app for you to see what protection you need.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, in addition to Sunglasses, Hats and UV protective clothing, we recommend SPF 50 for those areas that are still not covered.

Shop our SPF 50 Natural Sunscreen:

Stay protected and prevent undesired changes, keep the little ones protected so they do not suffer later in life.

Fast Fact: If you work outdoors your Sunscreen may be able to be claimed as an eligible PPE for tax purposes.


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