This is something that I relate to very strongly!

Countless years of advice, countless thousands of dollars spent on products - just trying to have intact skin.

I, also want to look healthy and the older I become to not look youthful.

Understanding the skin you are in is fundamental to finding a skincare regime that works FOR YOU!

Everyone has a skin type, not everyone has a skin condition. Managing your skin type can create a healthy base for managing a skin condition.

Sadly no-one told me this.

I spent years on steroids which probably saved me days in hospital but have caused me many undesirable side effects, short, medium and long-term!

I have spent sooo much money on professional skincare, professional advice and professional treatments which have sadly more often than not resulted in me looking and feeling worse than when I presented.

All of this rant led to the creation of Louthera Australia.

We have created premium, affordable, ethical and results driven skincare.

Our products are specifically designed to preserve and improve the barrier function of the skin and prevent dysfunction.

Our mission is to help you look after the largest organ in your body in the best way possible.

I hope our mission can become your reality.

🌸🌸🌸Yours Skincerely Nurse Louise


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