Skin Facts

We are constantly talking about your skin being the largest organ in your body and Louthera helping you look after it in the best way possible.

Your skin does some amazing things for you, however what does it comprise of?

The skin has 3 main layers with specific groups of cells that have individual functions within these layers. The epidermis is the top layer, followed by the dermis and then the subcutaneous layer.

Why is this relevant?

Many topical skin care products do not penetrate beyond the stratum corneum which is the most exterior part of the epidermis and made up of many layers of tightly packed dead cells.

What does this mean?

It means you are spending your hard earned money on putting product on to dead cells!

Making these dead cells feel silky to the touch is one way of looking at it as we do with our hair-care products.

The biggest difference is that a human scalp hair lasts 2-7 years on average and grows at a rate of approximately 1 cm per month so it is worth looking after.

The cells of the stratum corneum are dead. The average adult person sheds approximately 50million of these cells per day. That is a lot of cells and your favourite cream literally going down the drain!

Wait, wait, wait - don't give up your favourite moisturiser just yet.

Get to know your ingredients. Many penetrate below the stratum corneum where we need them! Many individual ingredients can be used in conjunction with each other to assist in penetrating the 'dead' layer. Different molecular sizes of the same ingredient influence the ability to penetrate deep in to the skin.

Louthera Australia are here to help demystify the care of this most precious organ with products that actually work!

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