Skin-Care Product Storage

We all know that this is how we should store wine (and wow wouldn't this be a great cellar to have!). How should we store our skincare?

The bathroom of course - where else?

Unfortunately for many products and for many types of packaging this is the worst place for a variety of reasons.

It is a moist, steamy and often well lit. The perfect growing conditions for bacteria which of course the bathroom is full of because of what you do in there! Many ingredients are temperature and light sensitive and will break down or separate if exposed to extreme heat/cold or light. What to do to solve this problem. Certainly it is very difficult to move out of the bathroom and have a skincare cellar. At Louthera Australia we have put a lot of thought in to this dilemma. Our packaging is designed to protect the ingredients from light. Our creams and serums provide metered dosing which minimises back-flow and environmental contamination. Helping you look after the largest organ in your body in the best way possible! 🌸🌸🌸 Yours Skincerely Louthera Australia #loutheraaustralia #howtostoreyourskincare

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