Dryness and irritation are often symptoms that are exacerbated by the colder months. Changes to indoor humidity from heating, wind damage, the clothing we wear and the cold all play a part in un-balancing the natural moisture factors of our skin.

A little extra hydration and moisture retention is needed.

A few simple changes can go a long way to re-louvenating your skin feel.

We suggest the folllowing;

- wear a lip product all day, if not a lip-gloss or lip-stick, use our lip balm or lip salve to keep the lip skin soft and subtle.

- moisturise your body as well as your face. After showering is a great time to add an all over body moisturiser. We suggest our Hand & Body Moisturiser or Remedy Balm.

- keep up your once a week at home Spa Treatments. We suggest our Spa Facial Scrub to exfoliate and our Spa Facial Mask to Detox.

- if you feel your face is dry in the morning, add in our Night Renew Cream at bedtime to hydrate, renew and protect your face, neck and dec overnight.

Share your tips and tricks for winter skin re-louvenation and #loutheraaustralia for us to feature them on our socials.


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