Product Spotlight - Micellar Water

Product Spotlight: Micellar Water. Micellar water is an easier, gentler way to remove make-up and the impurities of the day. Our micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out impurities without drying out the skin. Louthera Australia micellar water can be used as a facial wash, makeup remover and moisturiser all in one. Ideal for travelling when no running water is available, the water quality is poor or simply at the end of a long day.

Our Micellar water has no oily residue and no stinging alcohol. Suitable for the most sensitive of skin. Key Benefits Long-term moisture boosting actives for deep hydration Retains the skins natural barrier function Gentle enough to be left on the skin Key Ingredients Vitamin B5 Sodium Hyaluronate Lactic Acid Sweet Orange Oil #loutheraaustraliapremiumskinnutrition #loutheraaustraliamicellarwater

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