pH Does it Matter?

pH is a scientific term which very simply put gives a number to how acidic or how alkaline an item is.

It is constantly bandied around in personal care product advertising - pH neutral, pH balanced etc.

Does it really matter and why?

Yes is the short answer. Your skin is naturally slightly acidic. Products that are alkaline or too acidic can and do upset the acid mantle of your skin (it's protective film). The protective acid mantle ensures the skin can produce it's own Natural Moisturising Factors and preserves it's microbiome.

When the acid mantle is intact the skin maintains it barrier function and can regulate its elimination of toxins from your body. The reverse is true when it is not.

All of our products are pH balanced to ensure that the acid mantle is not disturbed. Furthermore we disclose the pH of each product so that you can feel confident in it's effect on your body before you use it.

Nerdy stuff, maybe, but it is important to us so that we can be confident in our mission to help you look after the largest organ in your body in the best way possible.


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