New Years Skinsolutions

Happy New Year!

Whilst there are many uncertainties in 2022, great skin need not be one of them!

The effects of Mask Wearing, Summer Sun, Holiday Fun, Late Nights and Bubbles may be leaving telltale signs on the largest organ in your body,

Follow our simple steps and make your Louthera New Year Skinsolutions become a reality.

Recovery Skin:

After Cleansing with our Deep Facial Cleanser or Micellar Water apply our Spa Facial Mask or Fruit Enzyme Mask.

Rinse off and apply our C Serum for boosting anti-oxidant protection.

Next apply our Restorative Moisturiser and for that additional boost of hydration and plumping finish with our HA Serum.

Pro-Tip: Guys and Girls don't forget your neck and decolletage!


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