Look Gorgeous for V Day

With a few days to go. There is no time to waste!

Guys and girls, the best thing you can give to your partner this Valentine's Day and every day is healthy, glowing skin!

Snuggling up to blemishes, dry feet and scaly irritated skin is not good for your confidence and not conducive to the mood.

A top to toe refresh can have you looking and feeling your best.

Our Tips:

Start with exfoliation. Use our Spa Facial Scrub for your face, neck and decolletage. Use our Coffee Scrub Soap for the rest of your body and don't forget your feet!

Moisturise and then Moisturise some more! Use our Restorative Moisturiser for your face and our Remedy Balm for your body - again don't forget your feet!

Top up with our serums to target specific skin concerns.

Cleanse EVERY day and make sure you remove your makeup before bed.

Your skin is a reflection of your diet and lifestyle choices. Stay away from the bad stuff and get plenty of the good stuff.

Keep hydrated and most of all once you have rejuvenated your skin - don't stop looking after it! He/She will notice, appreciate and enjoy it every day of the year!

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