Is this the end?

We certainly hope so for the department store/pharmacy chain unsupervised petri dishes that used to be on display! We certainly hope not for the in-clinic metered dose samples and single use product testing. It has always worried us pre-COVID times that cross-contamination and bacterial/viral load breeding is rife in an open tester environment. Our stockists use strict protocols to ensure your safety. We provide our Try Me Pack, Metered Dose Try Me Products and safe, secure sample jars for your evaluation. We have never bought a product without first testing it and why should you - even now? Choose the way you evaluate makeup and skincare sensibly and we can literally all live happily ever after. PS. I you would like to evaluate a particular product and not sure how to access it safely - DM us and we will give you the best advice to look after the largest organ in your body and the rest of you in the best way possible! 🌸🌸🌸 Yours Skincerely Louthera Australia #loutheraaustraliasafeproductsamples #loutheraaustraliapremiumskinnutrition

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