Faster Ageing

We have all seen those posts saying that if you do not remove your makeup before bed that your skin will age 7 times faster.

Who created this magic number we do not know.

We do know that:

- Some makeup (not ours of course!) clogs pores and prevents skin from breathing. - Night-time is when our body regenerates itself - including our skin. - Look at your pillow and see how difficult it is to get the stains out - that will give you some idea of what your product is doing to your skin! If you have had a few too many naughty waters like this poor girl or you simply don't have time for a complicated bedtime routine.We have the answer. Our Micellar water is specifically formulated to gently remove makeup, cleanse and nourish the skin. Visit:…/micellar-water-200ml-p117… to find out more. And please, please don't go to bed with makeup on. 🌸🌸🌸 #loutheraaustraliamicellarwater #loutheraaustraliamakeupremoval

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