One of the common questions we are asked is why do we need an Eye Cream as well as a facial moisturiser? The facts are that the skin around the eyes is on average x10 thinner than the rest of the skin on the face. This area is more sensitive both functionally due to the nature of our eyes and their vital role as a highly sensitive organ and cosmetically due to this area being the most likely to show irritation/signs of the ageing process. Ok - so why can I not use my eye cream on my face? As this area is so delicate and fragile, most eye creams (including ours) contain a plethora of nourishing ingredients which would cause congestion, breakouts, and imbalance to the microbiome of the thicker facial skin. Can I use my facial moisturiser on my eyes? - Yes of course you can, it will be of benefit vs doing nothing at all. The fate of your skin is entirely in your hands. If you wish to protect the delicate skin around your eyes without upsetting the balance of the thicker skin on your face - use an eye cream. If you believe all skin is created equally - use your eye cream on your face or use your face cream on your eyes! #loutheraaustralia #loutheraaustraliaeyecream

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