Dark Circles?

50 shades of dark circles under your eyes - not what you ordered!

Feeling that you look tired even when you are not?

Pulling your skin to make you feel younger?

Tempted to try caffeine or other eye bag 'tightening' products? (Please do not do this!) The skin around our eyes is thinner than in other parts of our body. As we age this thinner skin becomes looser and shows the structures underneath which is actually what the dark circles are - your orbit! What to do? The most obvious, simplest and affordable choice is to make friends with a good eye cream. We of course recommend our own. Key Ingredients: Virgin Acai Oil Hyaluronic Acid Canadian Willowherb Extract Coenzme Q10 Heptapeptide 8 Seabuckthorn, Rosehip, Cucumber and Macadamia Oil Key Benefits: Protects and Nourishes Improves texture and tone Repairs deep skin layers to restore youthfulness To find out more visit: Just another product designed to help you look after the largest organ in your body in the best way possible! 🌸🌸🌸 #loutheraaustraliaeyecream #loutheraaustraliapremiumskinnutrition

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