Cuticle Health

The Health of your Nails and the Skin surrounding them (the cuticle) is important, not just for good looks.

Your Hands are exposed to many more environmental challenges than other parts of your body.

Frequent hand washing, occupation exposure and nail cosmetics can all contribute to dry, cracked and damaged nails and cuticles.

Commercially available cuticle removers contain harsh chemicals - after all they are designed to dissolve skin!

Nail technicians often manually cut cuticles which is advised against by Dermatologists world-wide.

The solution to healthy nails and healthy cuticles is to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Our cuticle balm is designed to keep the health of your nails and their protective skin - the cuticle, in tip top shape - naturally. When paired with our Hand & Body Moisturiser, you will see and feel the difference! To find out more or shop online Helping you look after the largest organ in your body in the best way possible.

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