With the current social, health and retail challenges presented by COVID-19, Louthera are not only prepared, we offer safe options for you. Firstly you can avoid exposure by Shopping Online at We also have you covered with our anti-bacterial Lemon Myrtle Soap for hand washing; And when you are out and about with our Hand Sanitiser. For further information on how to stay safe please visit your local health authority. Whilst we service the global community, Louthera Australia is proudly Australian owned, operated and sources our products and supplies from Australian Companies. For Australian residents, please visit to stay up to date with the latest information and recommendations for you and your loved ones. We urge everyone to stay sensible, stay calm and purchase only what you need during these emerging times.

Yours Skincerely Louthera Australia #loutheraaustraliacovic19response #bestskincareaustralialoutheraaustralia

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