Blackheads be gone

Most of us at some point in our lives have suffered from blackheads also known as comeodomic acne. They commonly appear on the nose, cheeks chin and back, however they can appear anywhere on the skin. How do you get rid of them? There are a plethora of promises in a treatment, jar, mask or manual extraction. We suggest none of these. In order to be truly free of them understanding what causes them and treating that cause is the most effective solution. This may not happen over night, however, it will provide you with re-balanced skin which will prevent future problems. A blackhead is a clogged follicle. The follicle is clogged with sebum which is the body's natural natural skin softening and protective oil. Manual extraction techniques often damage the surrounding structures and surrounding skin. The ensuing inflammatory response then causes the body to produce additional protective oils (sebum) and the problem may be exacerbated. Chemical extractions strip the skin of the natural protective oils(sebum) that caused the problem. The body then over-produces sebum to compensate for the problem and the vicious cycle goes in to repeat. At Louthera Australia we suggest a re-balance approach. Step 1: Use our Spa Facial Scrub and Spa Facial Mask once a week. This will assist in removing the plug, drawing out the impurities and providing re-hydration and balancing oils. Step 2: Use our Deep Facial Cleanser morning and night every day. Followed by our Restorative Moisturiser. Simple, affordable and yet highly effective for treating this common problem. Try it for yourself for at least 1 month and see the difference. Take your own before and after photos. Please share them with us if you wish. 🌸🌸🌸 #loutheraaustraliablackheadsbegone #loutheraaustraliacomeodomicacnesolutions

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