At Home Beauty

The at home beauty culture exploded in 2020 and it is not set to leave us anytime soon.

We have compiled just a few of the Do's and Don'ts for your to help you on your staycation journey.


Wax or laminate your own brows. The upper third of our face has always been important and now with the advent of mask wearing even more so. Please, please, please see a professional for this - yes we can tell!

Tint your eyelashes or apply lash extensions yourself - read above and remember that the protection a professional uses to prevent glue/dye getting in your eyes is so, so important to the health of these most precious organs.

Invest in at home 'laser' devices. There is a reason why beauticians do many hours of training and have to comply with strict safety laws when you visit the salon and a reason why you will never achieve the same results with a device you can hold in the palm of your hand!


Exfoliate x1 per week we recommend our Spa Facial Scrub. This will not only make your aesthetician happy when they next see you. Your skin will love your for it!

Mask x1 per week we recommend our Spa Facial Mask. Decongest, detox and of course do no harm to your skin!

Experiment with makeup, use a brow butter/eye/brow shadow to tide you over between salon visits.

Use our Lengthening Mascara which is a lash serum and pigment combined in one. Your lash health will improve and any damage to your lash follicles and eyelids will have time to recover.

To remove unwanted hair, grab a bar of our Lemon Myrtle Soap for it's anti-bacterial and pure vegetable soap goodness and give yourself a shave. No they do not grow back thicker or darker and yes your laser technician will be happy you have pruned before your next salon visit!

There is no reason you cannot stay maintained and glamorous whilst you cannot get out or why you cannot make your beauty routine more sustainable for your wallet, the planet and for the largest organ in your body in 2021.

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