Achieve 'Glass Skin'

"Glass" Skin or Dewy Skin is based on achieving skin health vs 'faking' it with products.

To start your journey on becoming a Dewy Queen follow the simple steps below. Our skin responds differently depending on our age and hormones, however the principles to achieving plump, glowing, porelessness remains the same:

1. Use our Deep Facial Cleanser morning and night.

2. Exfoliate x2 per week with our Spa Facial Scrub and Fruit Enzyme Mask/Peel.

3. Use our Restorative Moisturiser morning and night

4. Keep hydrated and eat well.

For specific concerns use our serums to super charge your journey in conjunction with the base routine.

If you still need a little help our Liquid Mineral Foundation and Loose Mineral Illuminator will get your Dew on without undoing all of the good work above!


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