Vitamin A

Vitamin A receptors within our skin are ready to capture and employ it for the production, differentiation and normalisation of skin cells.

Vitamin A not only grows skin, it, facilitates the production of natural moisturising fluid and suppresses excess oil secretions which is ideal for improving fine lines and wrinkles, healing damage and injury and re-balancing acne prone skin.

Not all Vitamin A for skincare is created equally. Vitamin A is an umbrella term for usable forms. Many products claim to have 'high strength' Vitamin A. In Australia, over the counter products cannot contain greater than 1% strength without a prescription. The higher the strength, the greater the potential for irritation and photo-sensitivity - more may not mean better for you.

Our Vitamin A Serum contains micro-encapsulated Retinol for enhanced dermal penetration and stability. Our unique formulation combines this micro-encapsulated ingredient with other actives and botanicals to ensure maximum effect with minimum irritation. Do your skin a favour and add this in to your nightly routine. You and your skin will notice the difference! 🌸🌸🌸 #loutheraaustralia #loutheraaustraliaaserum

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