The Samples Collection

Sampler sets galore! Our mini sizes are proving more popular than ever and with the current situation across Australia and across the world the in-store tester may have had its day.

We are always listening and always trying to keep ahead of meeting your needs. If you want to try before you commit to full sized products or work out what shade or product is right for you, we now have all of your bases covered!

We are sooo excited to launch our new and improved samplers for skincare and mineral makeup.

Featured photo - Ultimate Sampler Pack


- Ultimate Sampler:

- Deluxe Sampler:

- Basic Sampler:


- Deluxe Sampler:

- Basic Sampler:

We love your feedback, after all YOU are the reason we exist. Let us know if there is something more you would like us to add and what you think of the current range.


Yours Skincerely

Louthera Australia

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