Is this just hype?

Our skin is home to more bacteria than actual skin cells!

Many of these bacteria are actually good for our skin and help balance the acid mantle and reduce inflammatory conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Our skin's microbiome can be come stripped of it's natural flora by the use of harsh soaps, facial cleansers and of course hand sanitisers.

Louthera Australia products are designed to keep the microbiome in balance and prevent dysfunction of this, the largest organ in your body.

When the microbiome does become unbalanced, we have specific solutions to restore the natural function.

We use proved pre-biotics such as Yeast Protein and Alteromonas Ferment Extract most notably found in our Clear Skin Serum.

In summary, if the right ingredients are paired together, pre-biotic skincare is not hype, it is a necessity for skin living in the modern world!


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