As Important What you put on as what you put in!

A growing number of studies suggest diet influences general skin health and specific skin diseases, from acne and eczema to skin aging and some forms of skin cancer.

At Louthera Australia, we aim to influence what you put on your skin. Our products provide you with a smorgasbord of options to improve skin imbalance and maintain and protect this, the largest organ in your body.

For specific advice on how our products can help you, visit your local stockist or our on-line skin concierge at:

We cannot control what you put in to your body. We would however, like you to consider understanding your dietary intake in the same way you understand your skincare ingredients.

For specific advice on how your diet can be tailored to your skincare needs we suggest you visit a Dermatologist, a Dietician or your local Doctor.

We wish you healthy, glowing skin from without and within!


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